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This year of social distancing affected all of us in different ways. So will returning to a lifestyle that’s much closer to normal. Whether you feel yourself re-entering the world with a burst of activity or a bit of hesitation, regular massage therapy services can serve as the self-care that helps you find balance, keep calm, and feel great during these changing times.

Returning to body-confidence

According to a report in DaySpa Magazine, 51% of people say that the pandemic negatively affected how they feel about their bodies. The participants’ plans for regaining this lost confidence? You guessed it, taking a vacation and getting a massage.

At Wine And Rubs, we understand why. It’s long been known that among the positive effects of regular massage therapy services is an increased ability to have more positive feelings about our bodies no matter what their shape or size. If you’re feeling a little discouraged, a massage can help set things right.

Returning to human touch

During social distancing, many people reported missing human contact and experiencing touch deprivation which can lead to anxiety and depression as well as a sense of disconnection and dissociation with our bodies. Research shows it doesn’t stop there. Lack of human touch can also compromise our abilities to learn and make decisions.

The best cure for touch deprivation is, of course, touch! Regular massage therapy is a great way to reap the benefits of human touch in a healthy, relaxing environment. (That can be key if you’re nervous about giving up social distancing!) So do your body, and your brain a favor, schedule your APPOINTMENT today with Us. It’s a great way to support reconnection, focus, calm, and comfort with social situations.

Returning to physical wellness

You probably know that regular massage therapy can offer your body physical relaxation, improved circulation, relief for tight muscles and/or nerve compression, and improved energy levels. But did you know studies show that therapeutic massage can help with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophies, Raynaud’s disease, hypertension, and congestive heart failure and that it can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart diseasediabetes, and various autoimmune diseases?

It’s true! Therapeutic massage, performed by a trained professional, can be customized to help address all sorts of physical issues and can help contribute to improvements over time. So if you let your self-care go a bit during the Covid-19 pandemic or any other time, consider making regular massage therapy a part of your recovery plan. As always, talk to your medical professional as you make your plan. Let them know that exceptional service is offered by Wine And Rubs™ and that your regular massage sessions are customized to give you the most benefit possible.

Returning to social life

Even with restrictions lifted in so many places, people still report feelings of isolation and social anxiety which have been exacerbated by isolation and social distancing. If you’re one of them, therapeutic massage can help! In addition to relaxing your body, calming your mind, and giving you the benefits of touch, regular therapeutic massage requires you to make a series of appointments to leave the house and go be with people. Voila! Benefits for your body and your social life.

Ready to experience the benefits of therapeutic massage? Become a member and make massage therapy a regular part of your life. Not quite ready yet? We’ll be here when you are!

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