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Anti cellulite massage is designed to reduce and combat cellulite over a period of continued therapy. A special massage technique is used to massage the bulging fat and to knead the muscles and “roll” the bulging fat away thereby combating the physical cause of cellulite – bulging fat and stretched collagen strands


At Wineandrubs we have always been driven by a single goal – to help our customers solve their wellness challenges. When we first began operations we offered just a few massage therapy modalities (relaxing massage, Swedish massage and deep tissue massage). Relatively early on I was approached by one of our therapists who was an expert in anti cellulite massage and she spoke of the amazing results seen by her clients.

On further research we found that cellulite affects 90% of women and 10% of men! Although signs of cellulite develop between 25 and 35 years of age, of late cellulite is affecting younger women as early as in their teens, perhaps as a result of our lifestyle. This lead us to assemble a team of massage therapists specializing in anti cellulite massage to help our customers who wanted to deal with their cellulite issue

In this article I will cover topics such as anti cellulite massage to treat cellulite, causes of cellulite, prevention and treatment. Skip to the section of most interest to you.

The anti cellulite massage is a special massage modality designed specifically to target cellulite and help with the reduction and elimination of cellulite on the affected areas. A massage therapist has to have special qualifications and certifications to perform the anti cellulite massage appropriately.

The anti cellulite massage works by breaking down the underlying fat in the areas affected by cellulite. The massage therapist uses special techniques of pinching and rolling to break down the fat. Additionally the therapy aims to increase blood circulation in the affected areas thereby accelerating the recovery process.

Unlike a full body massage the massage therapist primarily focusses on the areas with cellulite during the entire duration of the massage. The areas with cellulite tend to be sore and painful at times so it is common to experience some discomfort during the anti cellulite massage.

The massage therapist usually begins by working the hips, thighs, legs and feet to “activate” the areas. This activation process increases blood circulation and the flow of energy throughout the body. The activation process will feel similar to a normal massage.

Once the main points have been activated the massage therapist works down from the buttocks down to the feet gently kneading. The massage therapist starts off by kneading, pulling and stretching very gently at first working to loosen up the fatty tissue. The therapist will also use the pinch and hold technique directly on the areas affected by cellulite. This process breaks up the fat and the deposits that are beneath the skin.

Once the massage progresses the massage therapist can actually feel the cellulite under your skin and the process of kneading and rolling the fat becomes quite natural. As the massage continues the fat deposits become looser and more malleable. The pinching and pulling is uncomfortable but the therapist will calm the muscles with a kneading motion in between the pinching, pulling and holding motions.

Even after a short period you will feel the flexibility of the skin in the affected areas increasing and the surface of the skin becoming smoother. Another great aspect of the anti cellulite massage is that you don’t have to wait long to see the results. To end the massage the massage therapist will move into using relaxing and calming strokes.

To enhance the effects of the massage the massage therapist will usually use a concoction of essential oils which have been specifically designed for the anti cellulite massage. The massage therapist can also use anti cellulite creams during the massage if you prefer the use of a cream as opposed to the anti cellulite oil.

The anti cellulite massage is one of the most common and most effective ways to combat cellulite. You can make anti cellulite massage a regular part of your weekly regime by booking a home massage and having a fully qualified massage therapist come to your home for the treatment.


The cause of cellulite can be attributed to several factors and it is complicated to attribute the occurrence of cellulite to a single cause. However in general the following causes often lead to the appearance of cellulite:

  • Gaining weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Eating a high carbohydrate diet

Apart from the above genetics and age also play a role in the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite starts affecting women after puberty and some women are more prone to the appearance of cellulite due to genetic reason.

Often women face a problem of cellulite. Cellulite is a cosmetic, localized skin condition that causes a dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin. The bumpy “orange peel” texture is a combination of expanding fat cells that bunch up underneath the skin and fibrous bands (septa) that run perpendicular to the surface of the skin. Enlarged fat cells create small bulges while the tight septa cause puckering. 

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the most popular types. Many women go for it even though during the procedure it feels different than massages most of us are used to: anti-cellulite massage is a stimulating and refreshing experience, though with some moments of intensity.  By releasing the areas where cellulite most commonly appears, the body’s natural healing process is engaged, which results release of the problem areas, skin smoothing and more self-confidence.

Anti-cellulite massage is recommended in the following cases:

  • excessive fat deposits (cellulitis) in the abdomen, buttocks, hips, or arms
  • metabolic disorders
  • cellulite prevention


  • smoother skin
  • blood circulation improvement
  • metabolism improvement in the problem area
  • collaged production (own) boosting
  • cellulitis prevention
  • higher self-esteem


Cellulite is a common issue affecting the majority of women and some men as well. There are several ways to reduce and eliminate cellulite. We specialize in helping our customers reduce and eliminate cellulite with regular anti cellulite massage. If you have experienced an anti cellulite massage do let us know about your experience and the results achieved. Cellulite can be combated by regular and quality self-care and making use of all the different options at your disposal to reduce, eliminate and prevent cellulite.

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