Neck Massage Pillow

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Because of the use of smartphones and desks for work, neck stiffness and shoulder stiffness are now affecting many people, from young to old.

The best way to reduce spasms is to do chiropractic, but it is difficult to do it regularly in terms of time and money.

Every time you just need to lie on the pillow for 5 minutes, the “Neck Stretcher” massage pillow can stretch the neck naturally with the weight of the head.

Pillows designed for stiff shoulders give you the feeling of being rubbed by your thumb and comfort.


Precautions for use;

People who are weak due to aging, are not confident in their physical strength, or are using it for the first time, please use it while checking their own health condition.

Start using this product for 1-2 minutes, and gradually extend the time of use while observing your physical condition.

Use 5 minutes a day as a guide. Prolonged use can put stress on your body.

Do not pull the end of the main body forcibly. The fork may tear.

If the main unit becomes dirty, wipe it with a cloth slightly moistened with water.

When using, please tilt your body slowly. If you rush, you might fall to the floor.

Use in the appropriate place and method. It can harm your health or cause injury.