Knee Massager Joint Physiotherapy Massage Electric Vibration Heating Massage

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Product characteristics

1. Built in 20 red light physiotherapy lamps,Air preure maage, hot compre, vibration.

2. Adopt 4-dimensional package design to take good care of your knee joint.

3. The product is equipped with lithium battery, and 2600 Ma is convenient for use.

Guide for use

1. Tie the product to the knee with a s. For best results, please Stay as dose to your knees as poible.

2. Long pre “on/off key, the product starts to work. The default value is Low temperature, low kneading preure, vibration, red light physical therapy.

3. After the product is opened, pre the “heating” key briefly, and in the mode with heating function Adjustable heating temperature (low medium high, H1, H2, H3, HF), display For the temperature gear update display on the screen, the “hot pack” key can tum off the heating function, At the same time, the product has a “tick” sound prompt Short pre “force” key. Adjustable .Air bag kneading force (weak medium strong, L1, L2, L3), display Update display of corresponding strength gear, short pre “red light” key to tum on red light management At the same time, the product has a “tick” sound prompt.

4. Time key, pre key 15/20/25/30 minutes, the product will automatically shut down. In making With the ‘on/off” key of Chang an in the proce, the product can be shut down economically.

5. Mode key. P1 vibration, air preure, heating P2 vibration P3 air preure.

6. It is better to use it continuously for no more than 30 minutes each time. Be careful 1. When the power is too low, it needs to be charged in time to avoid exceive discharge For a long time, the battery should be charged every other month to avoid aging.